If you are thinking about starting your own Peer-Mentoring Project, here’s where to start:

Reach out to an educator you know.

Contact your local professional association (and if you don’t have one, contact some early childhood educators you know and see if they want to meet).

Gather a group of educators and see if there is interest in forming a community of practice, with peer-mentoring.  Create a group charter or reason for meeting.  Relationship and trust are huge.

Think about who in your community might be interested in being part of this. (Post-secondary faculty; ECE Leaders; funders).

Talk to an ECE you respect.

Check out the resources shared by our Peer-Mentoring Project participants here.

You can start small; we did.

Talk to your manager/supervisor about peer-mentoring.

Learn about what helped build the Community of Practice in the Peer-Mentoring Project here.